Voters line up at a polling station in Florida.
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AP Photo / The Miami Herald, Tim Chapman
"Tug of War in Florida"
Voters cast ballots in hotly contested state

With Florida being one of the key battleground states for the race for the White House, voters are getting out and making their voices heard at local polling locations.

In Orlando, voters were waiting in excess of two hours to cast their votes.

When asked about the long lines, Bruce Miller, 56, a local artist at a theme park said, "It's never been this crowded at this precinct. Long lines are something you have to endure and talk to your neighbors in line and try to pass time."

With only one previous election under his belt, Jason Crawford, 22, an Orlando photographer will cast a vote in his second presidential election. Living in Florida there has been no shortage of campaigning and negative campaign advertisements on television, radio, and billboards.

"I think the young voters are very important because as young people, we will be shaping the future of the country," said Crawford.

The Hispanic vote in Florida will also play a key role in impacting the 2012 presidential election and 29 electoral votes that goes to the candidate who wins Florida. In Central Florida, Sandra Gonzalez, 51, a physical education teacher said,"The Hispanic vote is very important and with a growing Hispanic population, our voices have become louder and louder."

It dosen't appear that either candidate will run away with Florida. The winner will be decided by a small voter margin rather than a landslide.

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