As many as 40 percent of voters cast early ballots in this year’s election.
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President Obama became the first President to cast an in-person early ballot.
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Mitt Romney will likely vote in Boston on Tuesday.
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America Heads to the Polls
On November 6, voters cast their ballots for a new President

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Election Day is here! Millions of Americans will line up at polling stations across the country to cast their votes for President. All 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives are also up for grabs, as well as 33 of the 100 U.S. Senate seats. In addition, voters will elect many state and local leaders.

This year, Election Day falls on November 6. U.S. presidential elections are always held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

President Barack Obama, a Democrat, and his Republican opponent, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, have been making a flurry of stops—mainly in key swing states—in the final two days of their campaigns. Obama attended rallies in New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio, and Colorado on Sunday, and in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Iowa on Monday. Romney visited Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia on Sunday, and on Monday held rallies in Florida, Virginia, Ohio, and New Hampshire.


Both candidates will head to their home cities—Chicago, Illinois, for Obama and Boston, Massachusetts, for Romney—to spend Election Day with their families and watch the results come in. They will likely be on the edge of their seats: National polls show the candidates in a virtual tie.

Not all voters will head to the polls on Election Day. As many as 40 percent—more than in any past election—voted early this year. One of those early voters was President Obama himself. He became the first sitting President to cast an in-person early ballot when he voted in Chicago on October 25. Romney will likely vote in Boston on Tuesday.

Despite the tightness of the race, each candidate has expressed confidence that he will win.

“We think we’re closing with strong momentum,” David Plouffe, the President’s senior adviser, said Sunday morning on an ABC news program. “I’m confident . . . the President will be re-elected.”

Ed Gillespie, one of Romney’s senior advisers, disagrees.

“[After] being on the road for three days with Governor Romney and [seeing] the crowds, I believe that Governor Romney will not only win on Tuesday, [but that] he could win decisively,” Gillespie said on the same program.

After tomorrow, we will learn who turns out to be right. Be sure to visit to follow election-night results!

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