South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley campaigns in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on July 31 for Mitt Romney.
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AP Photo / The Detroit News, Charles V.Tines
Nikki Haley Campaigns for Romney
South Carolina Governor meets voters in Michigan

On Tuesday, the Republican Party opened the doors to presidential candidate Mitt Romney's Ann Arbor campaign office.

Campaign offices like this — called Victory Centers — one are opening all across the country. The Republican Party uses these Victory Centers to excite voters about their candidates. This is especially important for the Party in Michigan, which is considered a "swing state" in the 2012 presidential race.

Romney didn't appear at the Victory Center opening in Ann Arbor. Instead, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley was there and spoke to voters about why they should vote Republican.

“We have less money, more debt, and a higher unemployment rate. Under Obama we have also lost our credit rating and the economy is going down and he still says we are heading in the right direction,” Haley explained to the crowded room. “Obama is a President that keeps talking about past Presidents. He talks about Bush, he talks about Clinton, but he doesn’t talk about himself. That’s because he can’t. Obama hasn’t accomplished anything yet.”

Haley is considered by many politicians, journalists, and pundits to be a possible running mate for Romney in the general election. But when the Kids Press Corps asked her about being on the ticket in November, Haley said she didn't want to be Vice President.

“I feel that I owe it to the people of South Carolina to remain as their Governor because they went out on a limb to elect me and I would like to continue serving them for a while,” she added.

Many people from all over Michigan came to support – and protest against – Romney. Protestors to the event were chanting and banging on the windows of the Ann Arbor Victory Center and needed to be subdued by local police.

But most of the people who attended the event were regular Republican voters. Many of them agreed that the economy and small businesses are what Romney needs to focus on to win this election.

Surprisingly, though, many of the Republicans at the Victory Center opening didn’t vote for Romney in the primary election because they thought he wasn't the strongest candidate in the running.

“I thought Rick Santorum would be the best to go up against Obama,” said Jack from Ann Arbor. “But I'm here to support the Republican Party and to get behind Mitt Romney.”

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