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Use these activity ideas to connect Scholastic's election news coverage to your classroom!

  • Lesson 1: What Is the Electoral College?
    Objective: Students will learn about the Electoral College process. They will use interactive maps to find out how many electoral votes their own state has and consider what effect their state’s votes may have on the 2012 presidential election.
  • Lesson 2: Meet the Candidates
    Objective: Students will use news to become familiar with the two major candidates. They will compare and contrast the candidates, thinking critically about each one’s ideas. Then they will research candidates running in local elections.
  • Lesson 3: Know Your Terms!
    Objective: Students will play vocabulary games to gain an understanding of election-related terms. They will each become familiar with using a new vocabulary term in a take-home activity.
  • Lesson 4: America Picks a President
    Objective: Students will use games to understand U.S. elections, from start to finish. Then, they will apply their knowledge and critical-thinking skills to selecting a candidate they would like to elect.
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Lesson Plans

Activity ideas to integrate election news into your classroom


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