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JULY 11, 2014

Japan's Android Museum

A museum in Tokyo lets visitors interact with
life-like robots

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July 9, 2014

Maps Reflect a Shrinking Arctic

Geographers reduce the area of the Arctic sea ice on world maps

July 7, 2014

Satao’s Sad Story

Poachers kill Kenya’s most beloved elephant for his
ivory tusks

July 3, 2014

The Birth of the Moon

Scientists find evidence that an ancient collision in space created the moon



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What's hiding in the peanut butter?

View captionShutterstock

Delicious But Deadly

The true story of killer foods


Most rare earth mines are located in China. The metals make it possible for your phone to be small, light weight, and fast.

View captionShutterstock

Better Than Gold

Your tech gadgets rely on special metals to work— and they’re getting harder and harder to find

Jonathan, center, with Jordan (left) and Joshua (right), at a trail near their home in Arizona.

View caption Lizzie Bee Photography

Saving My Brothers

After watching his twin brothers grow up in pain, Jonathan got a chance to help cure them.

Haley Berg, 15, shows off her footwork at a recent tournament.

View caption Sarah Beth Glicksteen / The New York Times

Fielding Offers

Why are young athletes being recruited by colleges before they even start high school?

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Snow Leopard Survival

ScienceWorld examines how the snow leopard has adapted to the harsh climate in which it lives.

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Apps for Apes

DynaMath magazine profiles a chimpanzee who is an expert at playing memory games on the computer.

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I Lost 100 Pounds

Action magazine interviews teen Kristopher Beall about his 100-pound weight loss.

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Teenagers & Stress

Learn what stresses teens out and how they deal with the pressure.

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The Two Koreas

Learn about the history of Korea and its division into separate countries with The New York Times Upfront.